TikTok ban in Nepal! Latest news


As the number of users of video sharing platform TikTok has increased in Nepal, its misuse has also increased. According to the police, personal and organizational privacy is being exposed when some people make and upload videos under the pretext of having fun and going viral.

According to the Nepal Police Cyber ​​Bureau, there is a growing trend of making videos inside the office, bank employees publishing files, money, and documents through video, using police and Nepal Army uniforms, making videos on duty, and uploading obscene videos of dissatisfied people. TikTok is also adding to the fire of crime. The police have a headache because the government has not enacted the necessary laws to regulate social media and YouTube channels.

SP Roy said that the police have stepped up surveillance on the users after TikTok not only violated privacy but also started cheating. He informed that the police have taken action against those who have taken revenge on someone or intentionally insulted their character. Users have misused it, knowingly or unknowingly,” he said. We have found the fact that it has happened. Some people get hurt financially, socially, and personally when they get entangled in social media.

About 50 complaints are registered in the bureau every week from those who have been cheated on social media. Based on the complaint, the police have been treating the case like taking action and blocking the ID of the person. Users edit and ‘cut’ long videos or audios and upload them to TikTok. Some use another audio in the same video.