Things to consider before starting blog/website


Now blogging has become the crucial part of our life and website to promote business. If you are also thinking of start blogging or create business’ website, there are some information you should know about.

1. Selecting Niche

It is better to write blogs about what you’re interested in. Your blog’s niche can be related to teaching, lifestyle, travelling, lifestyle, travelling, News, Poems, Story, Food, Technology.

2. Get a domain


It is necessary to buy a domain for making your blog, an online brand so that people can read from any corner of whole world.

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3. Make your domain alive on internet

To make your audience reach to your blog/website that means making your domain presence on web internet, may take some charges as per the hosting company.

4. Setup website

Once you buy your custom domain and hosted, the next steps is to setup your site. To do so, you may have to install some required plugins and themes to make your blog/website looks stunning, professional and attractive.

5. Content writing

After setting up your site, the most important step is to write content(blog) on your specific niche or about your business in website.