See what’s inside the objects with X-Ray vision | Photochrom mode | One plus 8 pro

one plus 8 photochrom camera effect

So many people are talking about x-ray vision camera mode, which was featured by one of the largest OnePlus International company on the OnePlus 8 pro model. It has a specific color filter camera that appears to have the potential to see through certain objects. The x-ray vision mode works perfectly on the black thin plastic materials and thin clothes as well. This feature is pretty amazing and new at all. But with this new feature it raises a lot of questions regarding privacy. And one of the greatest question is, ‘Does this photochrom mode can see through clothes?’ Let’s explore what this feature really do and discuss on some question regarding x-ray camera vision.

Through which objects and material, the photochrom mode see?

X-ray vision mode was noted by many mobile tech enthusiasts on OnePlus 8 pro smartphone and found certain objects that it really works. The thin material like black plastic and black clothes, photochrom mode perfectly see through it when objects are placed near to camera. When you look objects with your naked eye, you would see nothing what’s inside. But then, look with photochrom mode, you can see inside of it.

Can x-ray vision mode see through your clothes?

The answer is ‘yes’ in some cases. But only through thin clothes, it can see with special color effect. It’s not what you have thought, like it can’t see your body parts through your clothes with this x-ray vision effects. Since this feature is launched, It has become the matter of privacy concerns. So the company might disable this feature with software updates in the future.