Renew MEROSHARE and DEMAT account with esewa

renew meroshare and demat account

What is Meroshare?

Meroshare is an online portal of Central Depository System and Clearing Ltd (CDSC). It provides the details of share transactions with their Demat account. There is not any official meroshare apps till these days, you must need to go with online login from meroshare website to see your details.

What is DEMAT?

(Dematerialisation) DEMAT is an online trading platform for holding shares and securities in dematerialised/electonic format. Having a DEMAT account allows you to buy shares and store them safely. It is alike bank account in which you hold deposits in the bank and record or debit/credit balances are maintained in a bank passbook

DEMAT can also be used to hold a variety of investments like equity sharess, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, and government securities.

Renewal process for DEMAT and ‘Meroshare’ with esewa

Before getting started, you must have your esewa account. If you have not yet, then sign-up from here.

  • renew meroshare, dmat
  • meroshare, dmat account
  1. Open esewa app on your mobile phone and sign-in with your esewa ID and password.
  2. Then, at the last of various payment methods, there is view more button. Click on it.
  3. New ‘finance‘ option appeared, which you have to click.
  4. There appears varieties of finance provider. chose your one specific option.
  5. After a form will appear, where you must enter your Full name, contact number, and last 8-digits number of your client ID.
  6. Chose the option which you want to renew. It includes; Reset password, DEMAT, Meroshare and both DEMAT & Meroshare.