Impacts of over-using smartphone is dangerous

negative effets of Smartphone

For a long time, experts were saying that, using your smartphone more than 2 hours a day can be dangerous. There are only few who use smartphone less than 2 hrs/day. Most of the people have their phone till late nights and immediately after waking up. It may cause serious impacts on their health. It is also fact that, mobile phones has become most necessary for the people but it’s overuse is equally harmful. Either it’s for reading news, surfing internet, watching videos or playing games, cell phones are compulsory.
Nowadays, sharing every things on internet has become new trend which can negatively impact on their personal life. Moreover, cyber crime is rapidly growing and many are victimized of it. Cyber crime includes stealing or leaking important files and documents, people’s identities, violating other privacy etc.
Though, there are numerous advantages of smartphones, it has dark side too. For instance, using mobile phones for long time create pressure on your eye and may cause losing eye sight. Not only this, it creates additional health problem like Osteoporosis; thinning of bone, headache, decrease brain activity and thinking capacity, feel tired and many more.
The most harmful about electronic device is it’s radiation. Radiation is the emission of energy in electromagnetic waves or subatomic particles. High level of radiation can kill us.
Talking about the students, cell phones creates negative impacts on their study. They waste most of their important time in using mobile phone instead of reading their books. As mentioned before, it also decrease their thinking capacity.