Mistakes People do while buying a laptop.

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Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others


The regret with past makes no sense. Mistake is something that cannot be correct after done . Everyone cames in trouble while choose suitable laptop for themself.There are lot’s of options in any price range, which bring trouble while select best one . But if someone at least have knowladge of laptop components then they can avoid such silly mistakes .These are the thing that one must follow before choosing a laptop:-

Latest generation of processor

Processor is logical circuitry that respond to and processes
the basic instruction that drive a computer.Intel 10th generation is latest in intel processor
and ryzen latest is 3rd generation .These latest gen helps you to be a future proof.

Dedicated graphic card

These days the cpu dosen’t contain dedicated graphic card. All the
latest application and games require a good graphic card to perform a better performance .
Along with Processor your Graphic card also perform a vital role so be sure to do some research
on benchmark While choose graphic card.

Powerful RAM

RAM is a computer memory that is used to store working data .The RAM with high
GB and High Mhz can changes the performance of your device.

SSD and HDD storage

Higher the storage, Better the performance.The SSD is storage device that
uses integrated circuit assemblies to store data which makes your device smooth to perform a
certain task. In past only HDD is available which gives less performance.

Purpose of Device

According to your requirement you should choose your laptop.There are several
purpose of buying laptop.The designer,programmer,content creator etc require high end laptop
while students requirement is less .