Microsoft Powerpoint all shortcuts you need to know in 2020


Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful product of Microsoft, that helps us create beautiful slide presentations with advance features as per your need. If you want to fasten your working speed in PowerPoint, then you must know all important shortcut keys. It helps you to save a lot of time.

Shortcut keys:

Ctrl+NCreates new blank presentation.
Ctrl+OOpen an existing presentation
Ctrl+WClose the active presentation.
Ctrl+Alt+SSave as
Ctrl+MAdd slide
F5Preview presentation from the beginning.
Shift+F5Preview presentation from the current slide.
Alt+F5Play the presentation in Presenter View.
Ctrl+HHide the pointer and navigation buttons.
HomeGo to the first slide
EndGo to the end slide
Ctrl+spacePlay/pause media
Alt+QStop media playback
Alt+ ↑Increase media sound volume
Alt+ ↓ Decrease media sound volume
Ctrl+Umute audio
Ctrl+RAlign text to right
Ctrl+LAlign text to left
Ctrl+EAlign text to center
Ctrl+KInsert a hyperlink to selected text
Ctrl+JJustify text
F7open Spellcheck
Shift+F7Use thesaurus
Ctrl+Shift+GGroup objects
Ctrl+Shift+HUngroup objects
Ctrl+F1Hide/show the ribbon