Making eSewa payments from Viber


It’s great that different companies in Nepal are collaborating to benefit the business but at the same time, it is also good for everyone else involved. One such example is the introduction of the payment system introduced by eSewa which is done through Viber. Now, users of Viber can easily transfer money to anyone as well as pay to recharge their phone using Viber without going into the hassle of downloading another application i.e.eSewa. For using this process one has to first link their Viber to eSewa. The process of doing so has been explained below:

Step 1:

1608391537875 1
Step 1

In the first step open any conversation and look for the GIF. An image showing GIF with yellow arrow has been put in the screenshot. Tap on it.

Step 2:

2 1
Step 2

As soon as you tap the GIF button a pop up kind of window appears which says ‘Link Account’. Tap on it.

Step 3:

3 1
Step 3

After you tap on the ‘Link Account’ option a new page weapons which says you to enter you eSewa credentials. Enter the credentials and tap on Login.

Step 4:

4 1
Step 4

After the 3rd step a page opens which says to you enter an OTP which comes into phone which the number you logged in with. Enter the OTP and read the Terms and Condition if you want to and tap on Confirm code.

Step 5:

5 1
Step 5

If you have entered the correct OTP a new pop up appears which says that your eSewa account has been linked successfully.

Step 6:

1608391537875 1
Step 6

Now your account has been link and you are ready to use the service provided by eSewa through Viber. Go to any chat and again tap on the GIF option shown in the picture by green arrow:

Step 7:

1 1
Step 7

Choose the eSewa option again by tapping.

Step 8:

6 1
Step 8

A pop-up appears as shown in the image. If you want to transfer the balance into your phone then tap on the Topup and if you want to send money to someone else tap on the send money. For each of the options, a pop-up appears which is shown below. And if you tap on Unlink your account will get unlinked.

If you tap Topup:

7a 1

The page shown above appers and now you can easily enter the information and proceed to the process futher.

If you tap on Send Money:

7 1
Send money

Enter your Id, amount to want to send and purpose of it and proceed to send money to anyone with a eSewa Id.

If you tap on Unlink:

8 1

If you tap on unlink then you eSewa id will get unlinked from the Viber. And if you want to link eSewa again then proceed from the beginning.


This is the whole process of linking, transferring money, and unlinking. This feature is probably not going to become a massive hit even though Viber has a huge user base in Nepal, those who eSewa are mostly habituated to using the application provided by eSewa themselves which is very easy to use and friendly. Still, if you find the feature valuable then please do comment on your experience of using the feature provided. Hope you like it.