Lock/unlock your computer with your USB flash drive

predator security software

Do you want your USB flash drive works as a security key for your PC? Here is simple tricks to make it happens. For this, you just need to have a removable USB flash drive and a software called ‘Predator’. It converts your usb drive into physical key. This security software, allows you to lock and unlock your computer like in movie shows.

Why to use PREDATOR security software?

  1. Secure your home and office computers.
  2. It send alert message through email when someone try to log-in your PC.
  3. It takes a picture when someone tries to enter into your PC.
  4. You can set a limit to use computer for your child as a responsible parent.

How PREDATOR software work?

PREDATOR makes your USB Pendrive or any removable disk to control your computer. You can only use your computer only when your activated security drive is inserted. And while you remove your USB drive from pc, the screen darkens and the keyboard and mouse will not work.