Install windows creating bootable USB drive | Rufus


With the advancement in gadgets and technology, uses of compact disks like; CD and DVD-ROM are gradually declining. People used to install Operating systems in their computers through such media. But now, this were replaced by the portable flash drive and external hard-disk. To install OS through your Pendrive, first, you must have prerequisite tools in your computer.

Prerequisite to make bootable USB

  1. USB drive It can be a Pendrive, memory card, or external hard-disk.
  2. Bootable ISO file. If you have not any, consider reading below.
  3. Rufus-Software to make your USB bootable. If you have not, Download from here: Download Rufus

Windows OS ISO file

If you have not any OS iso file, Download one, which you want to install into your computer before getting into next steps.

How to make your USB bootable and ready to install any OS in your computer

rufus make bootable usb
  1. Insert USB Pendrive or any to your computer.
  2. Open Rufus.
  3. Select a USB drive you wish to make bootable from the drop-down menu. It automatically select, if you insert only one USB.
  4. Navigate your windows OS iso file by clicking on ‘Select’
  5. Select ‘MBR’ in the partition scheme and leave other settings as default.
  6. Then click on START to start your process. When the process is finished, Green symbolized and you are ready to install.