How to type English to nepali? | Nepali unicode typing

nepali typing

Have you ever try to know that, how it is possible to type in Nepali just typing in English? If you wonder how your friend send you a message in Nepali within a second, then you don’t need to worry anymore. There were some methods to do so. You can follow any of the methods. so that you can type Nepali Unicode in your smartphone and computer.

1. English to Nepali typing keyboard

There were numbers of Nepali typing keyboard for your android and ios smartphone. But the best one is hamro Nepali keyboard. It is very reliable and convenient to use. This app allows you to translate English to Nepali Unicode. To download hamro Nepali keyboard click in the link below.

2. Google Input Tools- Type Nepali in your computer

There is only one English to Nepali typing tools for your computer i.e google input tools. This software shows real-time Nepali words while you are typing in English. This software facilitates the users who didn’t know to type Nepali Unicode directly from the keyboard. To download and install Nepali google input tools follow the link below.

3. Copy and paste method

There were numbers of site that allows you to type online in Nepali in the same way, above mentioned app and software works. From that all you have to do is type in there, then it automatically translate into Nepali Unicode and copy & paste to your desired location; message box for instance. -Online Nepali typing

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