How to remove post tag pages from google search results

remove post tag from google appearance

If you are a beginner at blogging, you may face many problems because it takes time to manage and control over your website. While trying to make appearance your pages and posts on Google search results, you may see tag pages that you put into your post are also appearing with other results. To find what pages and posts are indexed by google, go to your google search bar and enter, ‘site:your_website_url’. For me its, ‘’.

Tag appeared on google search results make users feel shabby to your site and content. So for it’s well management, its better to hide your post tag from search engine results. For this, you have to follow simple steps:

  1. Log-in with your domain verified google webster tool that is google search console.
  2. Navigate to the Removals tool under the index section.
  3. Under removals, add ‘New request’ with your site’s tag url. Like;
  4. Then select, ‘remove all url with this prefix’

Note: It takes time up-to 24-48 hrs to make changes effective.