How to add a music song to your Instagram post | From any country


Instagram come-up with a great feature called music story. You can browse and select any of your favorite songs and insert them in your story with your images as background. Moreover, the music you selected, plays with real-time lyrics. you can modified, how lyrics flow and it’s looks, color, etc.

Open add story by clicking the camera button on the top left corner of your screen. Then swipe-up to the music option and browse a songs and select it’s favorite part you want to add to your story. It only allows to select 15 seconds for each story.

Why the music option is not in your Instagram account?

Instagram music option is only available to the user of certain countries and regions. You may find this option in countries with high users like; US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France, and Germany. But you can also get music option in your IG account though you live outside the countries where music option is available with this simple tricks.

If you did not find Music option in your IG account, then follow the simple methods below to make it appears.

Bring ‘Music’ option appear on your IG account

As we already discussed that music option is only available in certain countries. So, we are going to change our ip address to the ip address of any of that country. How we gonna do that? It’s simple. We are gonna use VPN to do so. You can choose any of the vpn app available in your play store or app store. But if i have to suggest, it’s best to use turbo vpn.

instagram music

Before processing you must need to uninstall your Instagram app from your devices. Now, open the VPN app and connect to countries like United Kingdom and United States. And then reinstall the official Instagram app from playstore or app store. Now, login to your account and navigate to the story. Add images and click on the ‘sticker’ icon, there you can see music option, which allows you to search and select your favorite song.

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