Development of Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane for Humanity


What is Artificial Intelligence?

A form of Advanced computer system that is able to make their own decisions and can perform human tasks more efficiently, accurately, and faster than humans is known as artificial intelligence. By use of AI, today, humans can do such things that were seemed to be impossible in the past time. It was started in 1956, from then, it has been developed too fast and in today’s world, it has fast-growing technologies in the world.

It is exciting to see that, humans beings are on the way of advanced civilizations but it scares many people that machine are more intelligent than us so, they can rule over us like we are ruling over all the animals on earth. world has been divided into two parts as well as the experts in this never ending topic. So, today we are going to discuss that will artificial intelligence take over the humans and if it does happens will it be in favor of mankind and or against.

Types of AI:

On the basis of working capabilities Artificial Intelligence can be divided into three types.

Weak or Narrow AI

It is a type of AI that is programmed to perform specific tasks with intelligence. It is the most common AI used in today’s world. It cannot go beyond its limit. The most common examples are Apple’s Siri, self-driving car, image-recognition, AI used in chess.

General AI

It is the second type of artificial intelligence that can perform tasks with efficiency like a human. There is no such intelligence as general AI. It is still in the research and will take lots of time and efforts to develop it.

Super AI

This intelligence could surpass human intelligence. It will better than humans in any intellectual tasks like making decisions, making judgments, plans, learn, communicate with each other. This type of intelligence is the hypothetical concept for today’s world and it will be the outcome of general AI.

Pros of AI:

  • Diligence: On of the biggest advantage of machines are unlike human they can work hours and hours without taking rest which has increased the productivity of companies massively.
  • Accurate: AI is far way accurate than humans which has helped to reduce the errors.
  • Day to day application: The most widely used device is smartphones. Knowingly or unknowingly we are using artificial intelligence in our daily life. Use of Siri, GPS used for navigations, and product recommendation on amazon, these all are daily use of AI.
  • Digital Assistant: Digital assistants or clones are used by companies to communicate with their customers resulting in less use of manpower.

Cons of AI:

  • Unemployment: Because of more efficient and availability of the AI, companies are, even normal people are preferring AI over human labor to perform a specific task. Overuse of artificial intelligence making humans highly dependent on machines. It is said that by the end of 2050, 50 percent of human jobs will be replaced by machines. So, it will become a major issue in upcoming time.
  • High Cost: Programming AI will be very costly as they use very complex machine and their training will also be costly.
  • Inability to replicate humans: Human intelligence can never be replicated. Of course, they will be more accurate and intelligent than human but they never can posses the human emotions.

Will AI take over the world

In todays scenario, it is impossible. Machines can only take over the world when they surpass humans on intelligence. It is only possible when Super AI are available and it is a hypothetical concept. I don’t say is impossible, because that things we are dreamed of few years ago, are becoming true. If AI take over humans in future then it is obvious that they will control our lives. It will be in their hand that whether we should live or die.