Create direct download link with google drive’s files

google drive direct download link

As we all know google drive is a cloud file storing products of google. Billions of people are using this product for storing their files like photos, videos, documents, etc. some bloggers or website owners use google drive for storing their files to allow their users to download that particular file. In the process of providing that file links, users have to process from other steps which may annoy to download users. So in concern with the user comforts, I’m providing a simple way to create a direct download link to download files using a previous sharing link.

  1. First You have to upload a file on google drive and turn on file sharing.

    If you already have uploaded file then just turn on file sharing tab by right-clicking on that particular file.

  2. Copy file sharing link.

    After, you turned on file sharing, you can see a link just below that which you must copy for further modification.
    The main part of that link is file’s ID, so just copy ID part of that link as highlighted below:
    For example:

  3. URL modification for Direct download link.

    I’m providing the most important link’s structure so that the link directed to direct download link. paste an ID that you copied after link below:————&export=download

    example of direct download link:(click for demo)