Apple iPhones latest prices in Nepal 2020

iphone price in nepal 2020

If you are considering purchasing an iPhone in Nepal and don’t know the latest market value, then you have come to the correct place. The market value, I mean the prices of iPhone or any other smartphone changes frequently whether it’s in Nepal or anywhere. Moreover, you may not differentiate the shown prices and specification of a device is actual or not. But, Here you can find genuine latest updated price of all models so that you can compare each and decide which one to buy. In this article, we will examine all the accessible iPhone models you can purchase from an authentic market of Nepal alongside its determinations and cost.

Apple iPhone ModelsPrices in Nepal[2020]
iPhone 8Rs. 91,000 (64GB)
Rs. 119,500 (256GB)
iPhone 8 plusRs. 112,500 (64GB)
Rs. 136,000 (256GB)
iPhone Xs. 146,000 (64GB)
Rs. 167,000 (256GB)
iPhone XSRs. 139,000 (64GB)
Rs. 159,000 (256GB)
Rs. 185,000 (512GB)
iPhone XS maxRs. 159,000 (64GB)
Rs. 175,000 (256GB)
Rs. 185,000 (512GB)
iPhone XRRs. 96,000 (64GB)
Rs. 104,000 (128GB)
Rs. 112,000 (256GB)
iPhone 11Rs. 110,000 (64GB)
Rs. 118,000 (128GB)
Rs. 134,000 (256GB)
iPhone 11 proRs. 157,000 (64GB)
Rs. 180,000 (256GB)
Rs. 212,000 (512GB)
iPhone 11 pro maxRs. 170,000 (64GB)
Rs. 196,000 (256GB)
Rs. 227,000 (512GB)