All Windows shortcut keys that you must know


Let’s make note of some useful shortcut keys, that ease your task while browsing your computer.

Shortcut KeysWhat it does,
⊞ Win Open start menu
⊞ Win +E Open ‘My computer’
⊞ Win +DGo to desktop
Ctrl+’print screen sysRqScreenshot whole screen
Ctrl+CCopy selected File/text
Ctrl+XCut selected File/text
Ctrl+VPaste File/text
⊞ Win +Mminimize current window
⊞ Win + FOpen search/find
⊞ Win + ↹ Switch All running programs
⊞ Win +F1Open help window
⊞ Win +ROpen Run
Delmove file to recycle bin
Shift+DelPermanent delete file

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