How to add music to your Facebook story


The process are similar to adding music to your Instagram story. If you have not read it yet click the link. Add songs to instagram story.

To add music to your Facebook story, you must have a ‘Music’ option on your screen. If you did not find this option, then this option may unavailable in your regions or countries. Though you can trick with this simple hacks. There are two methods to do so. If the first method does not work for you. then go with the second one.

Method 1: VPN

In case of music option is not available in your account, download and use vpn app. Open your vpn app to connect ip address of other countries where Facebook make available of Music option. You can connect to countries like; United Kingdom, United States or European countries like Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Romania and Slovakia.

After VPN is connected, reinstall your facebook app if it doesnot appear.

Method 2: Through Instagram story

In some cases. VPN does not work for Facebook. In that situation, you have to add or create a story with Instagram music and share to Facebook story from Instagram.

If you did not know how to add music to your Instagram story, or Unavailable to Instagram account too, click on Learn Now.